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First 15 days after setup free or a maximum of 100 new orders whatever is met first. Charges apply thereafter. We offer discount of 15% on annual payments.


Only for business with less than $1 Mi in ARR

Upto 100,000 orders /yr
Upto 3 users
Integrations: Shopify, Google Analytics and MailChimp
Whatsapp Alerts  ($5/mo)
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Popular specifically with business with $1 Mi - $5 Mi in ARR

Upto 500,000 orders/yr
Upto 7 users
Competitor Watch
Integrations: Basic + Ad-Engines (Facebook, Google and Instagram)
Whatsapp Alerts  ($5/mo)
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Recommended for businesses with more than $5 Mi ARR

Unlimited orders analyzed
Unlimited Users
Competitor Watch
Integrations: Standard + Tracxn, Zendesk, Intercom
Whatsapp Alerts  ($5/mo)
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Frequently asked questions

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Will I have to depend on Woww team for technical integrations?

Not at all. For a start, since we are in beta and catering to a variety of use cases, we will be manually onboarding you. However once the system has been set up and the beat phase is over, you will have full control on switching off or adding new integrations without any dependance on us.

Why should I be paying for Beta?

Payment just indicates a commitment from your end. Your billing cycle will kick in only when the system is deployed off. You can chose not to pay and still request an early access but given the volume of requests people who have paid are being integrated first.

What if I change my mind after paying? 

We will process reimbursements as long as the system has not ben deployed. You just need to drop an email with a request for refund on support@wow.app

What is the quality of customer support?

We provide international level customer support. Any query that you send to us will be responded to within 4-5 hours in the worst case scenario.

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