Intelligent segmentation, insights and actions to boost your revenue

Optimizations should not be something only experts can do

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One button to fix everything :)

Hard work is good, but sometimes you've got to take a break while we do the hard stuff for you.

Woww Segments

Auto-identified segments that you will always want to look after.

Competitor Alerts

Just tell us who and we will find what you must know about their moves.

One Click Actions

One click and we will try handling everything for you. Promise!

Custom Integrations

We support Shopify Stores already. and other custom integrations.

Competitor watch. We will tell you when they make any move.

We pre-identify certain competitor moves like new campaigns, new products, new bundles and even when they face technical issues so that you can double down when it matters.

How it works?


Connect your data sources

No hassle integrations that help us understand you better.


Woww analyzes customer behaviour

We look at you, your competitors, trends and customer behaviour.


Browse suggestions, fix issues or export!

Use the recommended action or export the segment to wherever you want.

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Never leave money on the table again!

It is never really about one great thing but thousands of small things. Advanced Insights from partnerships to ad-optimizations to data driven listing enhancements.

Identify strategic partnership opportunities.
Get recommendations to improved listings.
One-Click Ad Optimization within the platform.

Want to make more profits?

Try Woww and take the first step towards a life-long relationship with us.

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